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St Barnabas is delighted to host the Christmas 2023
Riding Lights Production
'Give it Back, Mak!'
Friday 22 December at 2pm  in Horton-cum-Studley Millenium Village Hall


Out on the hills, under a sky full of stars, it is most bitterly cold. The twinkling lights of the town look very inviting. But no such luck for the shepherds who must keep an eye out for all kinds of unusual predators at winter lambing time…
The Lamb Chop Inn is full to bursting. Worst still, they’ve nothing to serve for Sunday roast. Mak, who runs the place, has put up a sign, ‘NO VACANCIES AT ALL’. Another underneath says: ‘ NOT EVEN THE TEENSIEST ONE’, but a young couple whose car is stranded in the snow knock on the door anyway…


With puppetry, hilarity and extraordinary story-telling, ‘Give It Back, Mak!’ is the quintessential Riding Lights Christmas Experience. The production lasts approximately one hour and is suitable for age five and up.

Tickets: Adults - £5 Children - FREE

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